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Our Review of the Dating Site Shag

Shag is a popular UK dating site that is listed under the sex dating category. Founded about 21 years ago, the site is open to people of straight, gay or lesbian orientation. Shag is part of a wide network of dating sites so you would need to expect database sharing among the sites.

  • Type of dating : Swinger dating
  • Age group : 21 - 50 years old
  • Active Members : 600 000
  • % Men / Women : 65% / 35%
  • Free Registration
  • Matchmaking
  • Search per criteria
  • Responsive website
9 /10


Contrary to reports of scam, shag.co.uk is a clean and good site. It is one of the better sites offered in the United Kingdom. However, a trial membership could have helped a lot. That way you will get to know what to expect from the site. The features and ease of use on the site are great and they add value in terms of browsing without a glitch. On the whole a good site for those looking for casual hookups and more!

Strong Points
  • Original and real profiles (no fakes)
  • Easy to use site
  • Good features for members
  • A great number of profiles to make a match
Areas for improvements
  • Lengthy Signup
  • No photo masking available

What is Shag ?

Shag is an international casual sex dating site based out of the UK. The site assists you to find compatible singles of your preference and choice of orientation and assures you a good time driving away your blues. So, if you are a single straight, gay or lesbian looking for a match to spend the weekend or just to have a quick fling, shag.co.uk is the site for you. The site came into being way back in the year 1999 and has been helping singles (and couples) in finding perfect and compatible matches for its members ever since. The site claims that over 65% of its members find a suitable match for whatever they have in mind within the first week of their becoming members. That seems to be a good conversion rate by any standard.



Shag.co.uk has a very simple but functional user interface. The home page has a bold join now banner featuring a fully-dressed couple and below that a few photos of single women. However, you can’t see beyond that without signing up or logging in. The basic search on the site includes searching by gender, age, with photo, and online now tabs. Beyond that, extended search features are available.

There are regional searches too, meaning you can search for people by region who are interested in dating. However, a large number of profiles could mean difficulty in search due to the abundance of similar profiles. Shag overcomes this issue by providing a paid “Priority Listing” service which throws up your profile in a greater number of searches. That way you get to see more matching profiles too. There is also a facility to conduct private chat with other members by inviting them or joining in one. You can also have adult chats with multiple members at the same time.

Overall, it is a user-friendly site where you can meet up with members in your area or your region of choice and find someone who has similar tastes as yours. With the website being fully responsive, you can use it on any device of your choice such as a desktop/laptop, tablet, or smartphone. At present, there is no mobile app available for shag.


Registering yourself as a member is a pretty long and detailed procedure on shag.co.uk. You would need to fill in as many as 25 fields to register on the site. Apart from your basic info, they seek other advanced information as well. Once you register and activate your account you can begin to search for adult fun! Cost of membership: Unlike other dating sites, shag.co.uk has a different mode of payment. You need to buy coins and pay for the services you want to use with the coins. So, this is a non-recurring expense. You can buy the credits/coins through Verotel or PaySafeCard. The site offers no trial plans.

The cost of coins is as below:

75 coins
11.88 $
235 coins
35.66 $
420 coins
59.45 $
900 coins
118.90 $
2500 coins
297.28 $

Why Shag ?

Shag says that over 65% of its members find their first date within a week of joining, which is pretty good. So, you can start having fun with a little looking around to find a match on the site. Anonymity is assured in that only registered members will see your profiles. However, you can’t mask your image so all members will be able to see your pic. Fake prevention is enabled too and that is the reason you need to spend a few extra minutes during registration.

Once a member, you can find your match regardless of your leanings- you find your hetero, bi, or homo-oriented members without much fuss, and sooner than later you can achieve whatever you have on mind. So, if you are looking to have a quick sexual encounter or to spend a whole weekend, you can do it as you choose. That doesn’t mean you cannot find somebody for long-term relationships. You can if you are interested!

Customer Service and Security

Customer service provided on shag.co.uk is pretty good but as with all such sites, the customer expectations are rather high. In other words, support could be better than reading the FAQs if you had somebody to talk to when the need arises. However, the FAQ is quite comprehensive and answers most general questions. Beyond that, the site has also provided the company address on the contact page.

Security is good and you need not worry about your data being stolen or the like. You would of course appreciate if the site adds the feature of masking your picture from those who you would not want to access your photo. All data is sent and received through an encrypted SSL connection so that somebody can't access your messages or other data.

Closing your account

Shag allows you to cancel your paid membership but keep your profile active. If you want to remove your profile you can deactivate your profile or delete it for good. In this case, should you feel the need to log in again, you’d need to create a new account. If you only want to unsubscribe from the email list or distribution, you may do that too.