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Our Review of the Dating Site BeNaughty.com

Available in many countries, BeNaughty brings together a large community of singles looking for no strings attached pleasure. This naughty site is dedicated to meeting people to have a good time with various partners, and this thanks to an attractive interface, without taboos, which brings together members who know perfectly well why they are there

  • Type of dating : Casual dating
  • Age group : 21 - 45 years old
  • Active Members : 50 000 000
  • % Men / Women : 48% / 52%
  • Free Registration
  • Matchmaking
  • Search per criteria
  • Responsive website
9.3 /10


BeNaughty offers a large community of naughty people from all walks of life, it’s a real highlight. The limitless nature of the platform, which leaves it up to each individual to define their goals, is also widely appreciated. Finally, even if the subscriptions are a bit expensive, it must be said that this booty call site is still effective.

Strong Points
  • No Subscription Plans
  • Quick and easy hook-ups
  • User-friendly website
Areas for improvements
  • A not-so-much secure website
  • Few active members

A Vibrant community

BeNaughty.com was created in 2009 and has established itself in the world of naughty encounters. It must be said that its name is unambiguous and opens the door to all possibilities. Flirting, meeting each other, and having a great time is the goal of those who sign up on this platform. A few pieces of information and at least one photo are enough to start dating.

The strength of the site lies primarily in the ability to adjust many parameters as well as disclose only what you want. No field is mandatory, except for a username, your age and your location. BeNaughty.com is primarily designed for singles who want to flirt without getting attached. But other profiles are also welcome, and no judgement is made on this platform where everyone does what they want.

Primary Features

BeNaughty is a dating site that relies entirely on a chat system. As such, you can enter chat rooms to exchange with several members at the same time, but also start private conversations with a single member, for more sensual, even erotic exchanges. By chatting with people online you’ll get immediate answers and can start making your fantasies come true right away. This site imposes no limits on the photos and videos posted by its members. Nudity and explicit photos are therefore common. However, if you don’t want to see explicit photos, you can set your profile to ‘naughty mode’ to 3 different levels:

  • Normal: Censors all photos or videos that contain nudity or explicit postures.
  • Naughty: displays sexy and somewhat explicit pictures and videos of chests and bare breasts, but doesn’t show anything below the waist.
  • No limits: everything is visible, including the most explicit photos and videos.

Something not found on all dating sites, BeNaughty also offers a blog where you can find lots of tips on how to optimise your dating chances. Without taboos, the blog answers many questions and gives all the tips to make your experience on the site successful.

Subscription Price and Duration

Registration on BeNaughty is free, but as on many dating sites, in order to use the most interesting features you need to subscribe. It gives you access to unlimited chat, large photos, and the ability to send photos and videos in the chat.

3-day trial
1 $
1 month
24.99 $
So 24.99 GBP/month
3 months
53.55 $
So 17.85 GBP/month
6 months
85.98 $
So 14.24 GBP/month

These offers are payable by credit card in a single instalment at the time of subscription. At the end of the registration period, the subscription is automatically renewed for the same duration and at the same price. The trial offer automatically converts into a monthly offer at 24.99$. Once you are a premium member, you can add features to your account by subscribing to ‘extras’, sold in packs:

Extra Security Pack
  • Full HTTPS encryption
  • Incognito browsing
  • Self-deleting history
11.99 $
Chat addict pack
  • First in the messenger
  • Promoted in searches
  • Message delivery notifications
  • 5 times more visibility to members
16.99 $
Premium Dating Pack
  • Extra security + chat addict packs
24.99 $


Registration on the site is quick and easy. All you have to do is enter your gender, age, email address and postcode to join and start dating. Once you’ve registered, you can add any information you wish to your profile. You can also add one or more photos or videos to your profile to attract more attention. By the time you finish filling out your profile, you will probably have already received several invitations. The interface is simple, a menu at the top of the page offers a few tabs to access the main features. The ‘Search’ tab allows you to access a page that displays all the profiles that match your search criteria. The filters can be changed as desired. The ‘Like Gallery’ tab provides access to a carousel of profiles with photos. Just click on the cross or the heart to sort through them. Underneath are 3 tabs: ‘You liked’, ‘They liked you’, ‘Results’, the goal being to find out what liked you and what you liked too. On the right, the bubble allows access to private messaging and chat and the bell allows you to track notifications. By clicking on your photo, you can view and edit your profile. When you find a member you like and visit their profile, you can start a chat or video chat, send a wink to get their attention, or add them to your favourites so you can easily find them later. Note that the site is also accessible in a mobile version to allow you to stay in touch with the naughty community wherever you are. It’s perfect for travelling or to make public transport journeys much more exciting.